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Do you want your kids to learn Spanish?


Order your copy of The First Ñañarito on Earth today!
It is a beautiful story, written in English and Spanish. 


This book tells us about Cholo, the first Ñañarito

to arrive on Earth, and Jos, the Ñañarito that reminded him of their reason to be here. The Ñañaritos are smiles hidden in colors, textures, and shapes. They are beautiful emotions that feed on the joy of those who see them.


When someone smiles, their energy gets replenished and somewhere in the world, another Ñañarito is born. Only those who can be truly happy can see them.


Can you see the Ñañaritos?


This is a picture book, with short chapters and incredibly beautiful hand-painted illustrations.  The book itself is a work of art, and the story is a touching tale about why the Ñañaritos want to empower kids to decide to be happy.

The First Ñañarito on Earth is written in English and Spanish.

 Who are the Ñañaritos®?


Take happy notes! 

The Ñañaritos® want to help you takenotes, organize your schedule, and write your thoughts with lots of smiles. This Nana Notebook is durable, practical and easy to take with you everywhere.

The notebook comes with 80 college-ruled pages. Dimensions are 6.5" x 8.75".


Smile with your first cup of the day!

Jos© will make you happy before and after your cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or your favorite beverage.

There are two sizes to choose from: 11oz y 15oz. Made of ceramic, it is microwave and dishwasher safe.


Who is Jos?


I am the beginning.

I got the first dream.

Who is Cholo?

I am playful and like to play tricks, and in my branches I hide smiles to share.


Designer Marian Carro launched her characters as a brand in 2010, following the advice of family and friends who have privately enjoyed the colorful hand-painted creatures for more than 20 years. Writer and editor Yasmin Rodriguez knew the characters had a beautiful story to tell as soon as she saw the original paintings, way before the brand was born. Together, they are the art and voices of the magical Ñañaritos®.


Marian founded C·Mar Corporation to serve as the brand's licensor and holder. C·Mar Corporation handles all Ñañaritos® product development, licensing sales, and marketing from its headquarters in Puerto Rico.

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The Ñañaritos® love to talk to people and answer questions! And they will try their best to make you smile in the process! Use this form to start our conversation, or write to us at

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